• Ryan Fedasiuk

    for AUSG Vice President

    Welcome to our website! Our platform below is split into three main issue areas: Elevating Students' Voices, Hosting Events That Matter, and Ensuring Accessible Events. Let us know if we're missing something that's important to you!

  • About Ryan

    Ryan is dedicated to listening to student voices and empowering students to make change. He's the most qualified candidate running for Vice President, and the only candidate that has experience organizing events on behalf of the VP cabinet. Check out some of his experience below.

    Kennedy Political Union Event Manager

    Ryan has managed events for KPU, the largest organization in the VP cabinet, for nearly a year. In that time, he staffed every KPU-sponsored event, including events with more than one thousand attendees. Ryan personally co-led the following events:

    • Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)
    • Ana Navarro and Patti Solis-Doyle
    • The Pollsters
    • The Legacy of Shimon Peres

    Speaker of the Residence Hall Association

    In October, Ryan was elected as the first ever Speaker for the General Assembly of the RHA, where he wrote and passed comprehensive legislation improving mental health resources. As Speaker, Ryan:

    • Designs the YourCare bulletin--a regularly updated flyer that details mental health resources available to students.
    • Works with the Counseling Center to cosponsor educational events about mental health.
    • Directs the Supportive Neighbor Program, which sends positive messages to isolated residents.

    Alternative Break Leader

    Ryan co-led the spring 2017 Alternative Break program in Honduras, which focused on youth empowerment and community development. He was responsible for organizing all trip logistics as well as teaching students about U.S. intervention in Latin America and the pitfalls of voluntourism. Ryan has undergone intensive CCES and CDI culture, privilege, and accessibility training.

  • Elevating Students' Voices

    Platform Issue Area: Student Government tends to lead from the top, without much input from students. To fix this, we need a shift in mentality in SG leadership. I want to use my experience to create a platform for your ideas.

    Clubs and Activities

    • Solicit advice from students by hosting monthly discussions with leaders from student groups and send regular email updates to keep programmers on the same page.
    • Host monthly workshops with the executive boards of student organizations to talk about barriers clubs are facing.
    • Create an updated directory of student organizations to connect students with each other.

    Identity-Based Organizations

    • Meet regularly with Diversity & Inclusion Councils to get input on speakers and events to host speakers that every student can relate to.
    • Appoint a Director of Diversity & Inclusion to hold me accountable for reaching out to marginalized students and asking how I can support them.

    Greek Life

    • Bring back Greek Day and prioritize support for Greek programming.
    • Meet regularly with IFC, PHC, IGC, and CPGO. to offer collaboration.
    • Host discussion events featuring leaders of local philanthropy affiliates to help Greek organizations fund-raise.

    Undergraduate Councils

    • Check in with all councils to ensure they know their purpose and function. Some school councils are doing well but others are not meeting at all.
    • Get freshmen involved with the undergraduate councils to groom the next generation of student leaders.
  • Hosting Events That Matter

    Platform Issue Area: Events shouldn't just be events. They should inspire and empower you to make a difference for issues you care about.

    Mental Health

    • Host educational events​ about types of mental illness to promote awareness and mitigate stigma.
    • Incorporate destigmatization training into Eagle Summit similar to bystander intervention training already in place.
    • Promote existing ASAC events to teach students about stress management.

    Women's Initiative

    • Provide menstrual hygiene products at every WI event.
    • Continue making WI intersectional by building on the success of the current WI Director and appointing a WI Director who will prioritize intersectionality.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    • Deliberately include speakers from marginalized communities in discussions about issues that don't necessarily relate to marginalization, to normalize all identities.
    • Reach out to Identity-Based Organizations to ask about what is important to them and how SG can best serve marginalized students.
    • Host more activism-focused events like Remember Their Names focused on combating oppression.

    Environment & Sustainability

    • Bring back AU Zero Waste​, the initiative to limit our environmental footprint.
    • Host an Earth Day Sustainability Fair to encourage climate change action.
    • Invite environmental activists to speak about sustainability and fossil fuels at AU.
    • Support divestment efforts already underway by Fossil Free AU.
  • Ensuring Accessible Events

    Platform Issue Area: Some students don't feel safe or welcome at AUSG events. We need to ensure no one is precluded from participating in an event they care about.

    Universal Design

    • Provide closed captioning​ on all SG event live streams (I've already started doing this in my campaign videos).
    • Prioritize accessible venues that are located near gender-neutral bathrooms.

    Founders Day Ball

    • Overhaul the ticketing system and replace it with a disability-friendly electronic lottery system that is unrelated to clicking speed.
    • Ensure accessible transportation so that students who have difficulty taking buses can still ride in style.

    Providing Accomodations

    • Appoint a Director of Accessibility to promote the availability of ADA request forms.
    • Respect short-notice requests for disability accommodation. Currently students have to make requests more than two weeks in advance--that's unreasonable and exclusive.
    • Mandate trigger warnings for events that deal with sensitive, traumatic topics.


    • Hold workshops with clubs and organizations that focus on how to make their events accessible to all students.
    • Promote the accessibility fund to limit the financial burden on clubs and organizatons.
  • Let's Work Together

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